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How Felle Industries Can Innovate Your WordPress Site

Felle Industries specializes in building vibrant, responsive WordPress websites.  They work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible website at a reasonable price. Their staff are extremely knowledgeable about how to build, host and maintain a WordPress website, and maintain security.  Whether you have an existing WordPress site, or need a new one Felle Industries can help!!

Felle Industries stays up to date on everything new from WordPress, whether its a small change or a much larger one, Felle Industries makes sure they know how it will effect their clients.  Updates can be confusing and can sometimes effect functionality of your WordPress website, let Felle Industries keep your site up to date and functioning at its best.

Need help with SEO?  Felle Industries can help with that too.  Understanding how Google indexes and ranks your site can be confusing and time consuming, let Felle Industries worry about your rankings while you focus on your business and consumers. Since the algorithms that determine rankings are always changing it takes time to really learn and understand what works and how to best effect your rankings. Contact Felle Industries Today!!

Keeping your website safe from unwanted attacks can be a full time job.  It takes a professional to truly understand what makes your website secure and protect it from security threats.  We have staff that fully understands this and takes it very seriously.  When we started Felle Industries we wanted to make sure we could take care of our clients and keep their websites secure.  We have both a Chief Technology Officer and a Chief Information Officer that truly understands security and keeping you up and running. We enhanced our security with an offsite backup system that protects your data even if there was a loss of any kind.

Give our office a call or fill out our contact form for more information.  We look forward to helping you with your WordPress needs.

Our WordPress Services


We can keep your WordPress site updated.  Whether it is your plugins, your theme, or the core of your website we can it updated to the latest version and troubleshoot any issues that the update may cause.  Don’t know if an update is safe on your current set up?  Let us do it for you!!


Welcome to Felle Industries Hosting for WordPress.  We have multiple ways to host your WordPress site.  Whether you have a small one page website or an extremely large site, we have a solution for you.  We specialize in making sure your website is running at optimal speeds and that everything is running smoothly and error free.  Call us today to find out more information about our WordPress Hosting.


Felle Industries has staff that specializes in Information Security.  We work hard to prevent any data loss to your website.  Has your WordPress site been hacked before?  Let Felle Industries clean up your site and protect against further security threats.


Felle Industries has maintenance for your WordPress site.  We can back-up your website daily in order to prevent permanent loss of  your data.  Our back-ups are stored off site on a secure server to protect your back-up data and provide an extra redundancy in case of mechanical failure of the server or any loss of data.

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