Expertly Managed Hosting

Hosting with Felle Industries

Felle Industries is your best source for website hosting. We work to make sure you have a consistently fast and secure website.  We have a great backup schedule that allows you to rest assured if any of the hardware fails, you can be back up in minutes. We stay up to the minute on server health and speed to ensure you always have the best website possible. Our team is dedicated to keeping you in an affordable well maintained website that will bring you consumers without the headaches of the day to day management of your website.

Our Expertly Managed Hosting

Consistent Monitoring

We consistently monitor our servers for any and all issues. Rest assured we will keep your site up and running.

Data Backup

We don’t just work to keep your site secure, we also backup your data to ensure there is always a current copy of your data.

Dedicated Support

We have staff that is completely dedicated to server management.  We ensure that we stay up and running so you can focus on your consumers.

Guaranteed Uptime

Our servers currently and consistently run at 99.9% up-time.  We are constantly working to improve that number.

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